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go do Рjónsi

I recently had the experience to see Sufjan Stevens live in concert. It was incredible. Though it would be impossible to replicate the experience for you in words, I am going to share a video with you. In the encore: I’ve loved him for years. I was front and center… I wept openly… There are […]

All I’ve got is my playlist du jour. Busy being distracted. repeat offenders And Your Bird Can Sing – The Beatles Hellhole Ratrace – Girls Afford – Akron/Family Hope There’s Someone – Antony and The Johnsons Instruct Me – The Drums Surfer Body – Gutsies Everything With You – The Pains of Being Pure at […]

It’s funny how one can be both so happy and so sad. Blaming this song:

So that melodramatic interlude has ended. Let’s just be real. All I want is a little affection, a little attention, and good music. I’ve got most of those bases covered already. It’s all good. I like learning how to feel delightful. masterplan – jj

I watch this again and again and again as everything moves around me and I let it pass.