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Still love this: (Probably my future.) The album (Made of Bricks) Seriously, I love “Pumpkin Soup.” A B-Side (Navy Taxi) Advertisements

Walt Whitman and Levi’s. Can you dig it?

I watch this again and again and again as everything moves around me and I let it pass.

Just picked raspberries from our bramble and put shortbread in the oven. Cream is chilling. Summer delight. Raspberries, Strawberries – The Kingston Trio For good measure:  

So here’s what I’ve been thinking. Two quick things that are working quite well for me. Brendan Benson – What I’m Looking For   Special thanks to Ten Things I Hate About You.

It was a long weekend. I moved from the summer apartment home on Friday before continuing onto the summer house at the lake. Most of my mom’s family filled the house this weekend, but only two brave souls remain. The two little ones (not so little anymore) from San Francisco by way of England are […]