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This blog has been semi-repurposed lately. Whatever. Growth. Going home soon. Been thinking about it because that’s what I do. I think without talking. Then I talk without thinking. I live in a world full of dualism because I am interesting like that. Identifying my life as dualistic also allows me to use my favorite […]

embraceable you


Let’s be honest, all I really want is a term of endearment from someone who means it.

Someday, when I have the means to do so, I will constantly have my home filled with fresh flowers. The spring will be hydrangeas and peonies; July, snapdragons and gladiola; August, zinnias and marigold. And September I’ll fill with asters, all variety of asters, exploding in jewel tones while the rest of the flowers fade […]

Yesterday this blog had twenty views because I am an internet celebrity.   I cannot wait until I am home. It’s going to be beautiful.     I’m addicted. Apparently this song is in a Volvo commercial. Whatever. I’ve been busily cultivating hope for the fall. I’m going to create things to look forward to. […]

last summer, the summer of 2008, i made a 6-disc music set for the car. it was awesome. i still listen to them. my little sister listens to the moon and stars mix every night without the track “mama wolf” because it “makes her wake up.” and now, so can you because i am posting […]



in a bit of a departure for this blog, i’d like to share some mixtapes with you. other than being insanely thankful that one of my best friends is among the living after a motorcycle accident, i went to pitchfork music festival in chicago this weekend. here’s some tracks from bands that played which i […]