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black and white


So I learned how to be alone again. I’ve decided it’s not something I need to pursue anymore. Advertisements

there is something inside of me just waiting to burst out the tips of my fingers. i’m quivering with possibilities but i don’t know how to let them out. someday it’s going to happen, and my world will be lit with fireworks that i have made. i know it’s coming.

shaking the dust off of my feet. i move on; i move along. though it’s not always this way, someday the wind will be at my back.

 i’m sure that inevitably i will end up being more like my mother than i will ever fully realize, but i don’t know how much of this i would choose. it’s hard to say whether this is because i focus on faults more than i should (a quality that we share in different ways) or […]

i’m learning to be happy solitary. it’s an enjoyable experience.

i am beginning to think that the recent streak of broken possessions is the physical manifestation of my inability to keep my life together.