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Hair grows faster and stronger if it is trimmed more frequently. I always enjoy what I have more when there is less of it. Take-out is better cold the next day. There are lessons to be learned here. Advertisements

Getting ready to leave harbor. It’s been a nice sojourn after a long trip, but it’s time to hit the seas again. I’ve got an even keel this time, set my sights on a good course.

Little tangled but ready to fly. Hope is in the air these days. Hong Kong Garden – Siouxsie & the Banshees

    Just hang me out to dry and leave me there for a while. I’ll come back sun-bleached, bright, and smelling like fresh linen. Just give me a minute and make sure it doesn’t rain.

I made it through, and here I am without anything to say about it that anyone wants to hear. And so I won’t. There are simple joys to be had in life:

Today, I am less sure that things always end the way they should. I am young and lost. Want to go home. Need to go home. Scared to go home. bluish – animal collective